Cleaning Up Nicely: Bath Trends for 2023

Everyone knows the kitchen is one of the first places home buyers look when searching for a new home. However, recent trends show bathroom design has also risen in importance on consumer checklists.

Whether you’re buying new, remodeling, or just here to browse, here are some features to think about when it comes to bathroom design.

Simple Sophistication

The master bathroom has become a sanctuary of luxury and relaxation from the daily routine.  Organic materials and textures evoke the serenity of nature while maintaining the sleek sophistication of modern design.

Two materials you’ll likely being seeing a lot of in 2023 are marble and wood. Marble provides a clean, timeless look, while wood eludes a natural feeling of warmth combined with the artisan touch of luxury.

Natural stone will also continue to be used, and not just on the floors and walls; countertops and sinks are moving in that direction as well. These organic materials combine to create a visually and tactilely textural design for a clean yet inviting look that is perfect for any luxury bathroom.

Fixtures – Choose Wisely

Many new products—door handles, touchless faucets, water filtration systems, shower walls, countertops, and even window treatments—are all beginning to incorporate antimicrobial properties. Fortunately, these changes shouldn’t affect the appearance of your bathroom’s design. In fact, thanks to the great variety of fixtures that exists in today’s market, we can choose from the most classic to the most state-of-the-art faucets and everything in between; there is something for every style, but choose wisely.

For example, when designing a contemporary bathroom, we would not recommend an ornate, classic faucet. Likewise, a vintage mid-century modern bathroom would not benefit from a minimalist tap.

Metal also plays an important role in fixture choice and overall bathroom design. Gold metal creates bright, elegant charm, while a brushed nickel blends nicely with the natural materials used in the modern organic look.  No matter what metal you choose, pay attention to how your choice affects the overall design and feel of your bathroom.

Don’t Forget the Accents

When decorating the bathroom, it’s important that we take care of all the details as if it were the entrance of the house.

Tile accents are extremely popular right now, and we don’t see that really changing anytime soon. Small tiles, mosaics, and the classic subway tile are all excellent choices to consider. 

Handmade tiles are also trending for their unique imperfections, and they infuse a rich texture into a bathroom’s visual appeal.

Modern design favors a clean, minimalist look—make the hard work you put into your bathroom pop by choosing the proper cabinet and storage space for hiding clutter. By choosing the appropriate shelving and cabinet space, your guests’ eyes will be drawn to the rich fixtures and materials rather than your day-to-day toiletries.