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There are 16 cardinal points on a traditional Compass Rose defining directions one can take. 

Throughout history the compass has been used to guide brave souls to explore far reaches of the earth to discover new wonders.  But MORE importantly it brings them back HOME.  Should all else fail a Compass WILL guide you HOME.  Home is where we feel LOVE, safety, support, and above all else FAMILY.  Home is where memories have been made and will continue to be made for generations.   

A home is so much more than just a house. It is an incredible source of pride, a tangible reward for hard work and a family’s greatest asset.  We pride ourselves on giving you the home you have worked so hard and sacrificed for.  The littlest details can make the biggest impacts in the design and construction of your new home.  That is why every aspect is thoughtfully, meticulously, planned and executed by our team.   Who thinks about the placement of a light switch, an outlet, a simple air conditioning vent?  We do.